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    Thank you for visiting our Web Site!  Let us introduce ourselves.  Island Bird was  acquired by Tom & Ann Proctor, owners of The Surrogate Parrot.  As bird breeders, we travel to several states attending bird fairs and are pleased to add the Island Bird line of screen printed t-shirts, and  accessories for the discriminating parrot lover .  

   Each design is our own original artwork, conceived with bird lovers in mind.  The t-shirts and people accessories are all screen printed (not iron on transfers).  Island Bird's designs feature life like birds with striking colors. The unique artwork has captured the heart of bird owners and non bird owners alike.

    Island Bird carries shirt sizes up to 5x, as one size does not fit all.  Our t-shirts are all pre-shrunk, top quality, 100% top quality.  Our sweatshirts are full size, 9oz weight, with set in sleeves.

      We are also breeders of close banded, hand fed parrots of the following breeds:

 Parrotlets; Green Rump, Pacific & Blue Mutation

Sun Conures

Congo & Timneh African Greys

Blue & White Front Amazons

Yellow Shoulder Amazons

Goffin's & Bare Eyed Cockatoos

Blue Nape Parrots

    Feel free to contact us regarding the sale of any of our products or babies.  We are looking forward to doing business with you!


Tom & Ann Proctor

The Surrogate Parrot

P.O. Box 37995

Jacksonville, Florida 32236-7995

(904) 781-8356 - Fax (904) 378-0103

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